Frameworks for Action

Creating tools and resources to support the market


Taking the first step in implementing best practices can be overwhelming for many organisations at the beginning of their D&I journey. Around the market, organisations, including Inclusion@Lloyd’s, have created a series of tools and practical resources to help kick-start action that is capable of generating measurable impact.

Inclusive Behaviours in Insurance Pledge / Five-step Guide

In 2018 the CEOs of Lloyd’s and Zurich championed an initiative to send a clear signal on undesirable behaviours, inviting other CEOs from across the insurance industry to sign an ‘Inclusive Behaviours in Insurance pledge’ to demonstrate their commitment to a workplace culture with zero tolerance of abuse, bullying and harassment.

By setting the standard for inclusive behaviour collectively, from the top, the industry’s most progressive firms are supporting the profession in attracting and retaining the brightest talent, enabling people to contribute to their fullest.

The initiative was launched at Lloyd’s on 4 July at a packed event at which point it had already gathered 50 signatories. Since then, it has more than doubled in terms of commitments to 116 firms at the time of writing.

Inclusion@Lloyd’s responded to the initiative by developing a toolkit to provide simple, pragmatic advice. The resulting five-step guide is available to download from the dedicated website. The guide offers practical guidance on leadership commitment, setting a framework, communication, ongoing education, meeting challenges and celebrating success. Anyone interested in learning more about the pledge or wanting to download the five-step guide should visit

Lloyd’s also supported the pledge with the introduction of a new workshop, aimed at supporting leaders who have committed their organisations to take action against undesirable behaviour. Building confidence and competence so that they feel appropriately prepared to take action is at the heart of the initiative to upskill senior leaders in employment law.

Family Friendly – Best Practice Guide

As families have evolved to become richer and more complex, so have the needs of working carers. Shared parental leave, adoption, surrogacy and terminal care leave are just some of the areas covered in this comprehensive report commissioned by Lloyd’s and produced in partnership with Working Families. It is a guide to benchmark best practice when formulating company policies. It offers data points to help convince the flexibility sceptics and arm the agile working activists alike.

Balance (toolkit)

Balance sets out seven steps to becoming a change advocate. It was launched by the Gender Inclusion Network (GIN) to focus on leaders in achieving gender balance. Its introduction states: ‘Active, visible support from all levels of leadership is a key enabler for an inclusive workplace and championing gender diversity is a necessary skill for every aspiring leader. Therefore, the purpose of this document is to share relevant and practical ideas and empower everyone to be a change agent and an inclusive leader.’ Download the Balance report from the GIN website: here.

Wellbeing Champions

Talking openly about mental health, stress, worries and anxiety is now widely recognised as important to our wellbeing. In a workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion, having someone to confide in about work-related or personal concerns is essential. To help make this easier at Lloyd’s, we’ve trained over 100 market-wide Wellbeing Champions to raise awareness of mental wellbeing, support their colleagues and to signpost to additional support. Nominated champions wear a lapel pin in the shape of a green dog (in a nod to Winston Churchill’s nickname for his depression, which he called his ‘Black Dog’). The Wellbeing Champions are brought in twice a year to continue their development: to learn from each other and to continue to develop their skills.