Employee Resource Groups & New Partner Networks

Spotlight on ERGs

Diversity & Inclusion enjoys grassroots support across the insurance industry with volunteer Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at the company level focused on gender, cultural or LGBT inclusion (among other examples). Other groups like LGBTQ+ inclusion network LINK operate at a sector-wide level, providing valuable support and community for people in a wider context, and where their own company might not be large enough for a specific support group.

This year, Inclusion@Lloyd’s launched a new Partner Networks initiative to recognise the importance of the most prominent of these sector-wide groups, providing financial and logistical support to help them focus more resources on their mission and spend less time looking for funding and building visibility.

Participation and membership of Partner Networks is open to anyone who works in insurance, which helps share best practice between companies while providing vibrant sector-wide business networking. By encouraging the Partner Networks to work together, the new initiative also helps highlight intersectionality where they overlap in areas like gender and culture, or parenting and single-sex relationships.

The four official Partner Networks are:

GIN – The Gender Inclusion Network:

GIN was formed in 2015 and now has over 400 members from across the insurance industry. The group shares a passion to leverage diversity and inclusion to produce tangible business results and drive cultural change both within their respective organisations and across their industry. The committee is made up of representatives from the internal Gender Networks from a number of insurance firms.

GIN’s mission is to promote diversity and inclusion to produce tangible business results and drive cultural change both within their respective organisations and across the insurance industry. Membership is open to both women and men across the insurance industry who want to take positive action to improve the gender balance within their industry.


Link – The LGBT Insurance Network:

Link is a professional network for members of the LGBT+ community and their allies who work in the insurance sector. Formed in 2012 and officially launched at the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Great Hall in 2013, Link now has over 1,100 members from across the insurance industry.

Link’s mission is to create and maintain workplaces that attract and retain the best LGBT+ talent to the insurance industry. Link works towards this goal through a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lens, while being inclusive of all types of diversity.


iCAN – Insurance Cultural Awareness Network:

iCAN is the industry-wide independent network that supports multicultural inclusion across the insurance sector. Launched in 2017 at Lloyd’s of London, iCAN now has over 450 members. It works to promote multicultural inclusion and progression, engage with allies and celebrate the benefits of inclusion and diversity in the insurance sector.

iCAN works to advise and support multicultural inclusion and diversity within the insurance sector. Its objective is to work to ensure that industry employs the best and brightest people from all walks of life and backgrounds by promoting a culture of culture of inclusion within the industry.


IFN – Insurance Families Network :

IFN is a new network that is currently in development and working on a formal launch. Its mission is to actively create a more family-friendly insurance industry where everyone is able to productively manage their work and family life to the optimal level and all those with caring responsibilities working in the insurance industry feel included.

To achieve its mission the network aims to be an influential network to advise and support the creation of a truly family-friendly insurance sector where optimal work life balance for all is achieved. The network aims to see the insurance industry resourced with the best and brightest people from all walks of life and backgrounds, and for organisations to have a culture of inclusion.


This year, we celebrate the emergence of two more sector-wide resource groups:


The insurance Disability, Ability and Wellbeing Network (iDAWN) was created to promote mental health and disability wellbeing, encourage open discussions and provide a support network, and improve inclusion for mental health and disability within the insurance sector. Through events, functions and mailing lists it aims to influence and encourage proactive management of personal resilience of people within the insurance sector. The group will also champion best practice across the insurance sector through scalable initiatives and information which can be freely accessed.


The Afro-Caribbean Insurance Association (ACIA) is the London Insurance Market’s first Afro-Caribbean diversity network. It aims to increase the representation of black processionals, celebrate the achievements of experienced black insurance professionals and provide networking and opportunities for future talent through the creation of scholarships.

In 2017, The Parker Review noted that only 85 of the 1,050 director positions in the FTSE 100 were held by people from ethnic minorities. A CMI report titled “Delivering Diversity” showed that around 12.5% of the UK population are BAME – yet they hold just 6% of top management positions. In 2018, one in four BAME employees (25%) reported that they had witnessed or experienced racist harassment or bullying from managers in the last two years.

ACIA aims to address this and proposes to divide its focus into four segments of activities:

  1. Research and Study
  2. Internships and Work Experience
  3. Networking and Events
  4. Scholarship Programme