Mind Your Language

Workshops for the Lloyd’s market


Liz Grant OBE, of Fantail Business Development, a consultancy which focuses on inclusion in the workplace, along with her associate, Jo Bostock, who coaches leaders on inclusive behaviours, co-hosted a workshop titled ‘Mind Your Language’ at the Dive In festival that attracted 90 attendees.

The short and punchy session provided illuminating insights into the power of language and its impact in the workplace with the aim of honing the audience’s skills in building a more inclusive workplace. On occasion, ill-chosen words and ‘banter’ can damage working relationships with colleagues. As a starting point, Liz and Jo urged the attendees to consider the context of the people in the workplace and the implications of the language used, which can even be unintentional. The key takeaway was for people to use their minds more before speaking.

The workshop initially was crafted for managers but was applicable to professionals at all levels of their career. Due to its popularity the session was held on two different locations post festival, at insurance firm JLT and Chubb.